Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am the (off-key) world

Since I translated WE ARE THE WORLD into English, and someone asked for it, I made a vlog. Let me warn you: my mother was a professional singer, my dad sounds like a cat being burned alive. I can carry a tune but only in bucket! Also this is like Take 910 and still full of mistakes. The word "jinsei" appears in the chorus and I kept saying "sensei" (teacher) instead. Oh, and I added a little rap at the end. But I suck at rap and suck worse at rapping Japanese :)

It's so bad! I'm still laughing. I will stick to translation and writing and never delude myself about singing.

And since it's a Far Out Friday, I thought I'd share some other (on-key) versions of the song.

Here's the original for Live Aid from 1985

And the 25th anniversary, for Haiti

And the Spanish (and my favourite) version SOMOS EL MUNDO, 2010

Lastly, the crazy Japanese version with Japanese people pretending to the be the originals! Cyndi Lauper!!! lol!

Oh and a heads up. This is the time of year that my life gets really hectic. People on this program are leaving and new people are arriving. I think the next weekend I will be spending a weekend under my own roof is the last weekend in August. I'm going to try to line up the posts as best I can, but I can't promise 5 days a week. Tomorrow I'm off to see a friend off in Miyagi, 1 prefecture South. Then Saturday is a wedding and a goodbye party in my capital, and then Sunday is Jesus' Grave. Hopefully, I'll have pics on Sunday! :)


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Oh, that last video had me rolling! Too funny. And I looooove the Somos El Mundo, which I'd never seen before. Thanks for putting that up. But I was bummed (pouts) that I couldn't see your video--it said it was a personal video.

Amy Holder said...

What happened to your vlog? It didn't come up when I tried to watch it. I'm dying to see it now after your description of your Mom & Dad's singing abilities.

That last video rocks, btw.

Have fun this weekend! Sounds like you'll be busy.

育隆 said...
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Claire Dawn said...

Well, I fixed it so it's public. But let me warn you: it's awful!