Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Remake Queen- TTT

I love Queen! But not on purpose. Let me explain. I'm 28, so when I was born, Queen was mostly old news. BUT, on more than one occasion I've absolutely loved a song, and then I've discovered it was a remake of a Queen record.

Everyone's heard WE WILL ROCK YOU at some sporting event, even if they've never heard the 1977 version.

And WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS also from 1977 is another sporting anthem.

Just recently, I discovered the movie, ELLA ENCHANTED. One of my favourite moments was Anne Hathaway singing (and dancing to) SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Little did I know, Queen did it way back in 1976

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST became popular again in 1998 when Wyclef Jean sang it, but it had been Queen's top selling single back in 1980

Coca Cola brought back I WANT TO BREAK FREE last decade, but it had been a hit for Queen in 1984

I had never heard UNDER PRESSURE, after all it came out the year I was born (1981) but it was familiar from the sampling in Vanilla Ice's ICE ICE BABY.

And of course, The Fugees brought it back in the 90's but BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (1975) is the definitive Queen song!
(Aside: My neighbour told me that her sister was singing it, since she knew the Fugee version, and then her Mom started singing it, from the Queen version. Then they both stopped. "How do you know that song?")

And they composition of their pose at the beginning has been used by everybody, including Tupac and the Muppets.

And speaking of the Muppets, this must be the best Queen cover of all time!

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