Monday, January 25, 2010


That's what I spent the entire day doing at our recent snowboard trip. Screaming. My vocal cords are sorer than any other part of my body.

It took mountains of courage to even put the boots on. I'd been on ski trips in my Coast Guard days, but I never actually went anywhere near the slopes. The only reason I went this time, is because Prince Charming dragged me. Still, my courage almost faltered. As soon as I stepped outside, a snowmobile came down the slope dragging an injured person in an orange body bag!

Btw, Prince Charming was awesome. He was my tutor all day long, devoting several hours to entertaining me on the last 100 m of the course. He was really patient with all my shrieking and freaking.

Snowboard experience number one was successful! By that I mean, I neither died nor killed anyone!

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