Thursday, January 21, 2010

From the Pencils of Babes! (Fo!F)

As you guys already know, I currently live in Japan, where I teach English. That can be so entertaining at times!

One of my kids once wrote:

Whose penis this? (In Japan they don't leave spaces between words, so they miss the importance of correct spacing in English.)

And this week, I got another gem:

My girlfriend is the lovest of all the girls.


I personally think that's fantastic! I want my boyfriend to be the lovest of all the boys!

Today, I taught at my itty-bitty elementary. I love that school- 31 kids. It's like a big family. And because they're so few, the school will sometimes randomly take 3rd period off and do soemthing crazy like "Toy Festival" or "School Olympics". Plus we're like a family over there. Even me, the foreigner.

I was a bit surprised when several of the teachers came up and asked me if Barbados had any effects from the earthquake in Haiti. I'm always surprised when Japanese people have a clue, because they never follow international things. And I was also surprised, they thought it through long enough to remember that Haiti and Barbados are both in the Caribbean.

I guess I have taught Japan something. Or at least, I've taught the 8 staff members at that school.

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