Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Those who can't do, teach! STUUUUPPPPSE! (Momm)

First off, let me explain what a stupse is. At home, in the Caribbean, stupse is the sound made when you suck your teeth. The meaning of a stupse is the same as rolling your eyes, or saying, "Whatever."

Those who can't do, teach.

As a teacher, I hate this phrase. Heck, even before I was a teacher, I hated this phrase. It's an insult to all teachers. And an insult to all students.

If teachers teach, only because they can't do:

It would mean that they are not at all concerned with the welfare or enlightenment of their students, or at the most, concern for students is a peripheral effect.

It would mean that, as parents and students, we are satisfied knowing that those we entrust our children and our education to, are second-rate citizens.

It would mean that we accept less than the best, and are comfortable with would-be neurosurgeons being trained by failed pharmacists.

It would mean that those who they train are also doomed to failure.

It would mean that everyone in the teaching profession is a bitter waste, resenting the world, the society, their respective field and every one of their students.

I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to believe that my neurosurgeon (should I ever need one) was trained by a successful doctor in the field.

So I choose to believe that teachers teach because they can do. But in addition to being able to do, they find themselves called to something higher. Instead of just doing, and bringing acclaim to their own name, they subvert themselves to society. They choose to make a contribution to another generation, so that our quality of life may continue, and even get better.

What a noble calling: to give up your own fame and glory, face the ridicule of those who don't understand, and serve for the good of others!

Thank you teachers!

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