Friday, January 8, 2010

FoF- Western Australia

I had a beautiful time in Western Australia. There were a lot of crazy unusual animals, and I got to meet the "long-lost" fam. It was great!

One of the roo's hanging out on the golf course at my grandmother's Country Club.

I went to the beautiful beach and tried surfing (and sucked-lol, but I'm not giving up yet)

Here I am with a goanna!

Rum and Raisin and Maple -something at Simmo's in Dunsburough.

Simmo's had some crazy signs.

And a bonus: An emu!
Strange Aussie outlets. I like that you can turn the power off at the outlet though.
Uncle Tim, showing me his car, the oldest in the world I think. lol. 30 years old, in case you wondered.

Christmas morning. Jerry (my grandmother's husband) is Santa Claus-ing. On the left is Vaile, my grandmother, backing is my Super-Hero greatgran, Marney (89 and still driving!), and Uncle Tim( 5 years my senior).

In Australia, you can license your car to say whatever, so long as it's unique to your car!

Christmas Lunch with the whole crazy lot at Rebecca's.

Tim, wearing half the decorations off the table.

Redback and egg- I'm told this is the 2nd most deadly spider in Australia. Every gathering we'd end up talking ticks, spiders, snakes, crocs, sharks, or some other thing that could kill or make life miserable...

18 hours of sleep, 5 hours eating, 1 hour of sex! Who wants to be a koala?

Bye Granny!

Even the roo's on my grandmother's property came out to say goodbye
and the flies...

This must lead to STD drive- lol!

Only foreigners have AIDS. You don't need to use a condom at home.

And the best sign of my trip!
So that was my time in Western Australia.

This is Claire, signing out. Remember, let the sun shine out of your buns!


JewliaGoulia said...

I am SO jealous. I have been to Australia, it's beyond beautiful. You look so happy.

It snowed here today, almost 12 inches.

I wish I was with you (having fun in the sun!)


ann foxlee said...

lol! I don't know if I laughed harder at the funny zoo signs about not leaving your kid unattended... or the portugasm! hilarious! Your family looks like a whole lotta fun too :-)