Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Married in Fiction

I was watching Bleach (an anime, for those of you who don't follow them) and I realised that none of the captains in the show are married. Then I realised that I couldn't think of any major anime characters who were married, except for those from the Dragon Ball Series. It made me wonder if Japan were suggesting that life ends when you get married.

When I approached my coworkers with the hypothesis, Caleb (another English teacher here) pointed out that there weren't really many cool married people in tv and film, outside of sit-coms, which often talk about family life. I'd theorise (blindly) that at least half the adult population, has been or is married. Yet there doesn't seem to be any demand for protagonists who are married.

What are we saying here?

Are married people not interesting enough?
Does marriage mean life is over?
Don't we want to hear stories of people like us?



JewliaGoulia said...

Wow! This is very insightful. I don't watch anime but it is very popular among my friends. I am going to link this to them and see what they think.

Hmmm. . .


Linguista said...

Thanks! My other friend also pointed out that Disney characters hardly ever have mothers...